Memorial Service

We had a three-hour memorial service this morning for the founding Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture. He was a highly respected and revered educator from Tanzania who was recruited to head the new Faculty of Agriculture when Africa University was first established in 1992. Later he became the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university for several years before returning to the Faculty of Agriculture. The service was held in the Chapel. Many people gave heartfelt tribute to what an excellent and caring educator he was. The common theme was that he was a truly good man. The family was clearly moved by the many tributes to him and the strong demonstration of support by the university community.

Africa University Chapel

Africa University Chapel



  1. I was saddened to learn of Dean Mphuru’s passing. He was my boss when I was there in 1995. His family moved into the flat at Greenglades which I had occupied during my stay. He was a very humble person whom I very much enjoyed working with.

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