Faculty Gardens

Faculty Gardens
Faculty Gardens

It’s a ten-minute walk from the faculty neighborhood to the Health Sciences building. I make this walk back and forth several times a day, and I always admire the gardens as I go by them. As you can see in the picture, the front yards mostly consist of garden, and they’re always nice-looking gardens. In fact, most homes have such gardens in this part of Zimbabwe. From the most sophisticated homes to the humblest grass huts, a garden is part of the home scene. I love it!



  1. Ed,
    What are the tall silvery-green plants on a stem? Everything is frozen solid in Indiana. However, the seed catalogs offer much promise. Almost time for the bio-dome and the grow lights. Riley Case

    • Hi Riley. The tall plants are called Covo Greens, one of the most popular edible greens in Zimbabwe. Their big advantage is that they are good producers for about three years. As the leaves are picked, the stem continues to grow and produce more leaves. My guess is that the ones in the picture are about two-years old. If you put Covo Greens into your browser, you will find some good recipes from Zimbabwe!

  2. Hello Ed, Glad to know your doing well and all settled in by now. Nice to know you got some much needed rain the other day. We miss you on the tennis court. Vince’s sister in KC who i understand is 74 has come down with something and is on hospice. Vince left
    town to be with her and the rest of the family. A side from that
    everyone is doing fine, i’m enjoying hearing about and following
    some of your stay in Zimbabwe…. Sending you all the best,
    Clark Sims

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