The Little Potholes of Life

This week I’ve been learning (again) about the importance of experiencing and dealing with the little potholes of life. I came down with a bit of a sore throat a week ago that slowly evolved into acute bronchitis. Fortunately, I was able to teach my classes this week before it got bad, but I was definitely feeling sub-par by mid-week. Evidently it showed, because several people asked me yesterday if I was OK. Then, to compound my situation, I slipped in the bathtub after taking my bath yesterday. The tub is slippery anyway, and I actually flopped out of the tub as I was reaching for my towel. It must have been a funny sight. I’m thankful that I didn’t suffer any serious injury other than the injury to my pride.

I had a low-grade fever yesterday. It broke during the night when I woke up in a drenching sweat, but I felt much better and I knew I was on the road to recovery. Indeed, though I still have a bit of a residual cough, I have my old vigor and vitality back today.

Why is this kind of experience important for me? First, it helps me empathize much better with others who are not well. When I felt so miserable for a couple days, I realized how much life energy even a minor illness can take out of people.

It also emphasizes that while a healthy lifestyle is valuable, it doesn’t guarantee freedom from the all aches and pains that come along in life.

Paradoxically, the natural healing I’m thankfully experiencing also underlines the great value of a healthy lifestyle. My immune system was clearly not familiar with the virus that hit me last week, but once it geared up and was able to fight the virus, it rapidly won the battle. My immune system gets total credit because I took no medication at all. The resiliency of our innate God-given healing power is great!