Mid-Semester Break

AU’s mid-semester break began today, and the campus is strangely quiet as most students have gone home for the long week-end. This also marks the half-way point of my time here at AU. The weeks are flying by. There’s still much teaching and learning to be done, and with final examinations coming up in just a bit over a month, the weeks will fly by even faster. Before you know it, the semester will be over and I’ll be on my way home.

I was able to buy a bag of guavas (15 for $1) yesterday as well as a couple of large avocados. As a result, my lunch today was an avocado sandwich (half an avocado spread between two slabs of whole wheat bread) with two pink guavas for dessert. Wow! Exotic and good! 

The rainy season is tapering down, but the landscape remains beautiful. Here’s a picture of a gorgeous flowering bush that burst into bloom by the Faculty of Theology building this week. Image