Amazing Students!

I have amazing students! One of my part-time MPH students is a grandmother who is a Nurse-Midwife. She works in Harare during the week, but is taking classes here every other weekend to get her Master of Public Health degree so she can broaden the scope of her work.

Another student in this class is in charge of relief work for thousands of displaced rural families in Southern Zimbabwe. Complete resettlement is required because construction of a massive new dam is flooding their traditional homeland.

Yet another student in the class is an Emergency Department physician at a large hospital in Harare. Having done this work for more than a decade, she sees the need for a strong prevention program.

These three, and thirteen other part-time students, are studying here at Africa University every other weekend for two years to earn their MPH degrees. It’s a major commitment. In addition to working on this degree, most of them have full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

This past weekend they gave presentations on the value of lifestyle to promote health and prevent most chronic diseases. I was blown away by the changes they are making in their own lives and in their communities as a result of what they have learned in this course. They are change-makers who will have a significant impact in Zimbabwe!MPH Cohort 2