Purple Green-beans

I happened to have a packet of purple, green bean seeds when I planted our mini-gardens in June. How I got them I don’t recall, but there they were, so I planted them. As they sprouted and grew, the plants looked like any other green bean plants except that the main stems were purple. Later, when they flowered, the flowers had a pretty purple tint. Finally, when the little beans made their appearance they were a deep purple – very pretty!

Not many beans showed up on the plants during the first part of the summer, and I decided the plants were mostly ornamental. Then they began producing more in September, and we have now had numerous small crops since then – enough to give us a couple servings every few days, and that’s perfect for the two of us. They turn green very quickly whether steamed or boiled, but they are tender and delicious. I think we’ve become converts to purple green beans!
Tomato and Purple Stringbean plot, left sidefencePurple Greenbeans - just picked