Purple Green-beans

I happened to have a packet of purple, green bean seeds when I planted our mini-gardens in June. How I got them I don’t recall, but there they were, so I planted them. As they sprouted and grew, the plants looked like any other green bean plants except that the main stems were purple. Later, when they flowered, the flowers had a pretty purple tint. Finally, when the little beans made their appearance they were a deep purple – very pretty!

Not many beans showed up on the plants during the first part of the summer, and I decided the plants were mostly ornamental. Then they began producing more in September, and we have now had numerous small crops since then – enough to give us a couple servings every few days, and that’s perfect for the two of us. They turn green very quickly whether steamed or boiled, but they are tender and delicious. I think we’ve become converts to purple green beans!
Tomato and Purple Stringbean plot, left sidefencePurple Greenbeans - just picked



  1. Ed, Years ago my father, the county extension agent for LaGrange County, Indiana, with close ties to Purdue, brought weird stuff home to try that Purdue was experimenting with. I remember purple beans and purpose other stuff. The most interesting thing we tried was square tomatoes. It was thought that square tomatoes would pack better for shipment. Lo and behold, they were square. There was only one problem. They tasted like cardboard so they never caught on. Riley Case

  2. Sounds like fun gardening and eating! Hope you are both well. Love, Peg Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 16:33:52 +0000 To: pmiller2@hotmail.com

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