Bracing Morning Hike

It was downright chilly when we woke up this morning. I’ve been wearing my pullover sweatshirt sweater on these cool mornings and evenings, and it felt really good this morning. Today I took the road going up the mountain back of our chalet and walked to where it ended near the top of the mountain. There were a number of lovely homes scattered along beside the road up the mountain. As always, there were lots of wild flowers growing along the roadside, and I picked a nice bouquet of them to take back to the chalet for Carol. This noon we had a wonderful salad lunch that Carol made from the produce we got at the Farmer’s Market on our way up here. It was still really fresh-tasting, which was great. I’ll show a picture of the salad plate and the bouquet of flowers in the next post. The picture below shows the chalets on the foothills above the dock as we saw them coming in from our cruise on the Saguenay Tuesday. (The chalets are up the brown-roofed buildings back of the light-colored buildings along the roadway.)

Chalets above L'Anse St. Jean Quay