Enchanting Village in Canada

Carol and I flew to Montreal Saturday and drove up to Quebec City that evening. We had reservations at a B&B near the historic old city that was very nice. At breakfast our host, François, gave us good tips on walking the old city. It was great, but the Quebec City Marathon was being run through the historic district. Wow! Talk about pedestrian congestion! Anyway we enjoyed sauntering around the area, had lunch at Lapin Sauté, a great little restaurant there, and then shopped at the local Farmer’s Market. We got some great-looking veggies that have already proved to be as good as they look.

Then we hit the road for L’Anse Saint-Jean, a charming village about three hours north of Quebec City. We arrived at dusk, got the keys for our little chalet for the week, and fixed a quick supper of delicious fresh veggies.

Our chalet sits above the Fjord Å-la-Montagne on a foothill of the mountains surrounding the fjord-lake. After a good night’s sleep, I took an hour’s walk around this side of the lake. It had rained during the night, and the misty fog still hung over the area. I had a wonderful walk. I discovered a historic old covered bridge that crossed the fjord at some rapids before it feeds the lake, and then walked another half-mile beyond to a small dairy farm. Neat!

After getting back to the chalet, we had a hot steelcut oatmeal breakfast topped with blueberries and strawberries from the produce market. They were absolutely luscious, making for a wonderful breakfast. We’re going to enjoy our week here immensely. For a glimpse of the area, here’s a picture from our balcony.

View of Fjord lake from our balcony