Delights of the Trail

I began riding my bicycle on the Withlacoochee State Trail (with permission) the day after my first eye operation. It’s been a delight. I hadn’t been on my bicycle in over a year, and it’s been a joy to ride the trail again. After putting in ten miles the first day, I decided to try for a hundred miles in the week between my two eye operations. That’s no big deal for serious bike riders who talk about doing a “Century,” as it’s called, in one day. Still, doing it in a week was a nice goal for someone like me who hadn’t been on a bike for over a year.

What’s made it more delightful has been the magnificence of the scenery, which I’m seeing more clearly than I have in years. In addition, there’s been enough wildlife, including a wild turkey, a big gopher turtle, and two deer, to keep it interesting. I also made my goal, hitting 105 miles the day before my second eye operation. That made my day. Here are two scenes I saw just off the trail below Istachatta. Beautiful!

Upstream Island

Downstream Island

2013-06-22 10.50.33 Upstream view from boardwalk >