Delights of the Trail

I began riding my bicycle on the Withlacoochee State Trail (with permission) the day after my first eye operation. It’s been a delight. I hadn’t been on my bicycle in over a year, and it’s been a joy to ride the trail again. After putting in ten miles the first day, I decided to try for a hundred miles in the week between my two eye operations. That’s no big deal for serious bike riders who talk about doing a “Century,” as it’s called, in one day. Still, doing it in a week was a nice goal for someone like me who hadn’t been on a bike for over a year.

What’s made it more delightful has been the magnificence of the scenery, which I’m seeing more clearly than I have in years. In addition, there’s been enough wildlife, including a wild turkey, a big gopher turtle, and two deer, to keep it interesting. I also made my goal, hitting 105 miles the day before my second eye operation. That made my day. Here are two scenes I saw just off the trail below Istachatta. Beautiful!

Upstream Island

Downstream Island

2013-06-22 10.50.33 Upstream view from boardwalk >



  1. My best as you recuperate from the operations. Bike riding sounds like a splendid way to do it.

  2. Ed,
    I love your spirit and the ability to turn cataract surgery into a motivation to get back on your bike. Best wishes for a successful second procedure.

  3. Thanks to both of you, Nancy and Bob, for your comments. Biking proves to be wonderful therapy!

  4. Ed, How absolutely delightful it sounds. And delightful also that you can see more clearly. GOod for you! I, too, have a new goal – to join a hiking group next month for a 5-mile hike in the San Francisco mountains in Flagstaff. And I began training today by taking a 4 mile walk (with 18 minute miles) in our local state park, doing better than I thought possible. Maybe even a marathon one of these days! Love you, Peg Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 19:23:38 +0000 To:

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