Power Problems – and Joys!

It’s getting colder at night here, though the days are still nice. Zimbabwe winter is on its way, so I’m glad I brought some winter pajamas. We’re also having more power outages in the evenings, presumably because of more demand on Zimbabwe’s national power system. The power often goes off about 6 PM, just when I’m beginning to cook my supper. A couple neighbors have home generators, and I’ve been invited to their homes for dinner three times this week, which has been a joy!

It’s been an eventful week in other ways too. University-wide Final Examination Week began this week, and two of my classes are taking exams today. My third class will take their exams next week. My questions are mostly long essay-type questions, so I’ll be reading a lot of papers! It takes longer to grade essay exams, but I prefer it this way because the essays give me a better picture of student understanding of the subject.

Yesterday was an especially eventful day. Africa University launched its “Girl-child Scholarship Trust” with a lot of fanfare. Zimbabwe’s Vice-President, who is a lady, agreed to be the patron for this trust, and she was the Guest-of-Honor for the launch ceremonies yesterday. Many other dignitaries attended the event. It was impressive, with many speeches applauding this initiative to provide scholarship help for poor and orphaned girls who are especially vulnerable.

I don’t have a picture of the Vice-President to show, but she toured the campus while she was here, including our Faculty of Health Sciences. Grace, our faculty cleaning lady, gave her one of her appliqué village scenes which she liked very much! (See pictures of FHS building and appliqués below)

2013-03-07 09.53.31White roses at FHS entrance