Green Gardens or Garden Greens – Both are Great!

My neighbor, Dr. Munodawafa, asked me to check her garden while she was away in Mozambique this week. I was happy to do so, especially since she asked me to harvest anything that was ready. She has a beautiful small garden in her back yard. I had fresh Swiss chard and okra for supper twice this past week, thanks to her generosity. They were delicious.

Today, Arnold Mukwindidza took me to his rural home in Chitakatira to see his garden. Located about ten miles south of Mutare, his home is on a mountain slope overlooking a long valley that stretches for miles between two mountain ranges. The setting is wonderful. He and his neighbor have about five acres devoted to growing garden produce for themselves and for the market. Arnold sold produce to a local grocery chain in Mutare when he had his own garden, and now he plans to do the same for their joint gardens. It’s a win/win project for all involved. I was given two zucchini and a dozen fresh okra pods today that I will thoroughly enjoy with my supper tonight!

Below is a picture of beautiful Swiss chard in Dr. Munodawafa’s garden.

2013-04-04 08.23.48