Field of Hope

After my lectures at AU today, I had the privilege of making a field visit to Project Tariro. Project Hope, as it’s known in English, has been offering support and help for adults with HIV/AIDS for the last few years. Clients are given free classes in agriculture, nutrition, sewing skills, and other skills they can use to help support themselves. They attend twice a week for fifteen weeks, after which they “graduate,” but are still welcome to participate. Project Tariro has done wonders for these clients, literally transforming their lives. It truly lives up to its name, offering real hope to people who used to have no hope.

David, the Ag instructor for the project, took me to the field across the valley so I could see how this year’s maize crop looks. Project Tariro has about two hectares planted this year, though more can be planted in the future when irrigation becomes available for the fields. The picture below shows David standing beside the field of maize, which should be ready to harvest in early April. David estimates that about two tons of dried maize will come from the harvest. Any profits will be plowed back into Project Tariro to enhance its work. It is a Field of Hope.

Field of Hope

Field of Hope



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