Trees of Health

We’re celebrating Africa University’s 20th Anniversary this weekend, with scholarly seminars, distinguished visitors, granting of honorary degrees, dedication of new facilities, and an evening of traditional music and dances, all to culminate with a service of thanks in the Chapel tomorrow.

The ceremony that I especially liked was the planting of nine small tree saplings to symbolize AU’s desire to preserve or enhance our environment. One small sapling was planted for each different Faculty, as well as one to represent the Administration and one to represent the student body. In the future, every new student will be asked to plant and care for a small tree as part of their commitment to being a student here.

Trees are particularly apt symbols. Their leaves convert the sun’s energy to food energy through photosynthesis, and they generate oxygen in the process to enrich our atmosphere. They symbolize a healthy relationship between humanity and the environment. Here is a picture of the sapling I was given the honor of helping to plant for our Faculty of Health.

2013-03-23 02.18.54