Village Life in Zimbabwe

Mrs. Grace Bangezhano creates beautiful cloth panels depicting village life in Zimbabwe. I have come to know her quite well over the past three years because she is the person who keeps our Faculty of Health Sciences building spic and span. She also supplies me with Zimbabwean greens and vegetables from time to time. I’ve learned to eat a variety of these greens by following her advice in preparing them. Of course that wasn’t hard for me, because I love to eat all kinds of greens anyway. Whether they are grown in America or in Zimbabwe, greens are wonderful sources of vitamins, anti-oxidants and vitality. I try to eat at least one serving of greens daily, often going for two servings. They are a big reason why I stay so healthy.

The picture below shows scenes of village life in Zimbabwe as shown in the beautiful panels that Grace sews. I have them displayed on a poster board in my office. Everyone who passes my office stops to admire them. Now you can too!

2013-03-07 09.53.31