Potatoes and Bananas Instead of a Trip to the Grocery Store

I tried to catch the 3 PM bus to town yesterday to do some grocery shopping since I’m teaching classes this weekend. I arrived at the bus stop five minutes early, but alas, the bus had already departed. All I saw was its back end disappearing down the road. What to do?

I decided to walk to the university’s farm-shop where fresh produce is sometimes available. I was in luck. The new potato crop is being harvested, and I was able to get a big sack of potatoes for $5. This is way too much for me, but the farm-shop only sells the potatoes in bulk amounts, so that’s what I got. I also got a bunch of bananas at the “Tuck-shop” in the student union/dining hall building, so I’m now well stocked in bananas and potatoes! That along with pumpkin leaf greens and carrots in the refrigerator will see me through the next few days. The sack of potatoes is enough to supply our faculty neighborhood, and so I’m sharing them liberally. Below is a picture of the farm potato field. Beautiful, is it not?