Mutare Water Treatment Plant High in the Mountain Catchment Area

I was invited to go along with the health classes on an Environmental Field Day. About thirty students, the Environmental Prof and I piled into the AU bus at 8:15 AM and headed for the mountains. The Mutare water treatment plant is located high in the mountain catchment area. It’s two water sources are the Pungwe River (80%) and the Odzani Dam (20%). The ride up into the mountains was marvelous with spectacular, breath-taking scenery on both sides of the winding mountainous road. It reminded me of scenes in the Austrian Alps.

When we got to the plant, our Environmental Prof introduced the plant superintendent to the class. After a brief introductory talk, he led us on a two-hour tour of the water plant, carefully explaining each stage of the six-stage treatment of the water. I was impressed with the plant and with the careful monitoring of each stage of treatment. The plant produces 80,000 cubic meters of pure water daily to supply the city of Mutare many kilometers away. Here’s a picture of the lab intern measuring a sample of water for turbidity.