A Typical Saturday at AU

After a great breakfast (jungle oatmeal with raisins and banana) I walked across campus to my office and wrote my Wellness Newsletter. Consisting of my Zimbabwe Report for February, it focuses on the terrific Health Colloquium we had at Africa University this past week. Those of you who subscribe to the newsletter will get it next Tuesday.

After a good lunch (ripe avocado spread thickly on wholewheat bread) and a nice nap, I took a two-hour walk across the valley to the Old Mutare Mission. (Pictures below show the view across the valley, the entrance sign to the mission, and a distance view of the AU campus.) From the mission, I walked westward along an old dirt road toward the next valley until the path was broken up by a deep washout from the recent hard rains. Heading back to AU another way, I reached the tarmac road near the Mutare River. Some boys and men were fishing in the river. After greeting them, I crossed the river on stepping stones and was soon back on campus. Back at “home” I saw several neighbors and we had a nice time chatting in the cool of the evening. They also shared some garden produce with me, which I fixed for my supper. It has been a good day!

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  1. If you click on each thumbnail picture, it will show an enlarged full screen view that will give you a much better idea of the landscape!

  2. HI, Ed. I was on your team member in 2008 with Rev. Kennedy. I am still in touch with Rosa and she told me you were at AU. I am taking applications now to bring a Ubuntu team to Zimbabwe in Oct. 2013.
    Leaving for 20 days in Liberia on Saturday, my 5th trip there.

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