Tsvingwe and Mutare

Its been a busy and enjoyable weekend. I hiked to the village of Tsvingwe (Tchingwe) Saturday afternoon to see a stone-carving friend there. He wasn’t there, having gone to a relative’s funeral, but I had a great walk. It’s about four miles from AU to his home in Tsvingwe, but the vistas along the way are fabulous. A nice breeze came up on the way back, adding to the pleasure of the trek. I was back home in good time to polish my shoes for Sunday and cook a good supper.

Here’s a picture of the countryside I hike through, with the AU farm in the foreground. The village of Tsvingwe is on the other side of the mountain you see beyond the farm.


I took the AU bus into Mutare Sunday morning to go St. Peter’s Church. As usual, it was a lively service with about a thousand members attending. I love the soulful music though I don’t understand the Shona words. Still the spirit of the singing warms heart and soul. I also saw many friends at church and then had lunch with Arnold Mukwindidza at his home. We had a good visit. On the way back to the bus stop I asked him to drop me off at the Mutare Botanical Gardens. They’re beautiful, as they are most of the year around, and i enjoyed strolling through them before heading on to the bus stop. It’s been a good weekend.
2013-01-20 03.34.51