The Sarimanas – My Zimbabwe Family

Tom and Tracey Sarimana and their family are my Zimbabwe family. I’ve stayed with them several times in past years when I was here on Volunteer-in-Mission trips, and it’s great to see them again. Their oldest daughter, Dr. Ashley Sarimana, who teaches at a university in Capetown, is here visiting them this week. I had not seen her in nearly ten years, and it was nice to she her also. I saw them at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church in town today, and they drove me back to the AU campus after church. Here is a picture of Ashley, Tracey and Tom by one of the Guest House flower beds.

2013-01-20 08.05.58

I also did my weekly grocery shopping in town today, so I’m set for the coming week in that department. It’s going to be a busy week with everything getting into full swing for the new semester, so I may not get another blog off until next weekend. Have a good week!