First week back at Africa University (AU)

This is my fifth day back at AU since arriving Sunday evening. I’ve been welcomed back warmly, and it’s great to be back. After shuttling back and forth between the old Farmhouse and the Faculty Guest House for the first couple days, I’m now settled into the Guest House. Electric Power has been intermittent. I used a candle the first night, and ate at the Dining Hall for the first couple days, but the stove and lights in the Guest House are now working, and I was able to cook my first meals there yesterday. I’ll tell a bit about them in a separate blog. It’s been interesting!

I’m also back in my old office at the Faculty of Health Sciences, and after the first day or two or getting re-organized, am feeling at home. We had a staff meeting Tuesday, which gave me a sense of how the semester is shaping up. It’s great to be working with my colleagues in the Faculty again. More about this in later blogs also.

ImageThe rains have been abundant in this new year and the countryside is a lush green. Here is a picture of a nice acacia tree on campus. It is symbolic of Africa as well as being the logo for Africa University. The Guest House is the low white building on the right side. I appreciate this beautiful environment on my daily walks across campus. In a word, it’s great to be back.