A Health Revival is Coming!

My visits to the Prairie Festival at The Land Institute and to the Lifestyle Health conference in Denver have been truly inspiring. The Land Institute is making good progress in developing perennial crops that will be earth-saving and will provide us with good healthy foods some day. To give you an idea of how much interest this is generating, there were over a thousand people at the Prairie Festival in little Salina, Kansas. They came from around the USA and around the world to see the progress at the Land Institute, and to hear some outstanding speakers.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine has a smaller attendance of about 125 people, but it is equally inspiring. Lifestyle Medicine is in it’s childhood as a health organization, but it is making great strides. We had a terrific keynote address from Dean Ornish, followed by an excellent workshop that he and his wife led Monday morning. The changes he is helping to bring about in health care in America will have a profound and lasting impact on health in our country. Other speakers were equally inspiring in telling about their ground-breaking work.

A “Health Revival” is being born, and it will sweep across our country some day! Stay tuned!