Saturday Trek

Saturday afternoon several of us decided to trek to the village of Tshvingwe, four miles from campus. Three of us were guest faculty members, and two were students. We followed an old trail from the campus across fields until we came to a gravel road near the village, walked another mile on the roadway, and then returned to Tshvingwe where we found the home of Chris Matinha. He is a stone carver who does really nice work. We saw samples of some of his unfinished work, as well as finished pieces for a beautiful nativity scene. By the time we got back to campus it was close to sunset, but it had been a good day! (Note: only half the picture I tried to post of the stone carvings came through, and it came through in duplicate. Clearly, I didn’t do the posting right, but you do get an idea of the nice work that Chris does!)