A Remarkable Day

Yesterday was a remarkable day. I’d been invited to speak to the Mutare Medical Society at their quarterly educational meeting, and it was a privilege to share my favorite theme with them. I gave them a Powerpoint presentation on The Power of Lifestyle, and got lots of positive feedback on it. It was an enjoyable experience.

I had also received an invitation from retired Anglican Bishop Bakere and his wife to join them for tea that afternoon, and so Ruth Bakere picked me up at the Mutare Club after the meeting, and took me to their home. It’s a beautiful home with a marvelous overview of the entire Mutare valley. It turns out that Bishop Bakere and his wife knew my father and mother when they were all at the Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation in Zambia in the mid-1960s, and they were eager to learn what happened to Dad and Mom in the years since then. We had a wonderful visit as we had tea on their porch overlooking the valley. The sun was setting as we finished, and the view was simply spectacular. What a marvelous place, and what wonderful people I keep meeting!