Birds-eye View of My Teaching Activities

Here’s a quick birds-eye view of my teaching activities at Africa University. I teach the pathophysiology of our most common chronic diseases to students in our Master of Public Health class (9 students,) and also to undergrad students in a bachelor’s program leading to a degree in health administration. Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and obesity are unfortunately starting to afflict people in Africa in a major way, so it’s important for students to know about them. More important, it’s important for them to learn how best to prevent these diseases in the first place, and so teaching them the principles and power of a healthy lifestyle is important. By the time they finish my classes, they are convinced!

This past weekend I had the privilege of giving a new part-time MPH class a quick preview of what they can expect to learn in my classes when they take them next year. These 17 students are doctors, nurses, and others in full-time health-related careers who want to earn an advanced degree in health. Our faculty has just started offering this part-time course, giving them weekend blocks of classes (every other weekend) so they can earn an MPH degree over the next three years. The block I teach is scheduled in March, 2013, so I’m already pencilled in to return next year. I look forward to the challenge!

Flags of nations represented by the student body at Africa University

Faculty of Health Sciences building