Intensive English!

I had a great time with the Intensive English class that I was invited to talk to yesterday. These are students from non-English speaking countries who must take English for one year before enrolling in the courses they want to take. Students come from over 25 different countries in Africa. I talked to them about principles of healthy living, and they listened attentively, as I could tell from their faces and their questions. I’ve had a great time with my health classes in the Faculty of Health Sciences, but I wasn’t sure what to expect with these students. I need not have worried. They were as engaged and engaging as my students going into the health professions.

Following is a link to a recent report from one of our Health Science graduates from 2010 who is at work in Malawi:  It is worth taking the time to see and read her report to get an idea of the kind of work and impact Africa University graduates are having on this vast continent!


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