Pumpkin Leaves – Korean style

Jaeyoung Choi is a Korean instructor who is staying in an adjacent room at the Guest House. I’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with him this  past week. Yesterday we walked to the Fairfield Children’s Home at the Old Mutare Mission – about a mile away. Choi had a package to deliver to Janine who is a long-term volunteer worker at the Children’s Home. We had a nice visit with her, and saw one of the one-year old twins she adopted recently. I’ll write a blog about her and her volunteer work later.

When we got back to the faculty guest house, we had a visit from my Zimbabwean “family,’ Tom and Tracey Sarimana, whom I have stayed with many times. It was great to get caught up with them.

Later, we fixed supper and had enough pumpkin leaves to cook up another batch. Choi asked me if I wanted to try the Korean way of eating them, and so that’s how I tried them. He took a cooked leaf, put a spoonful of rice in the middle, and then dipped the stuffed pumpkin leaf into a saucer of soy sauce. The soy sauce added flavor, and I enjoyed it eating it that way.

Who knew that I would learn to eat a Korean dish in Zimbabwe! I’ll post a picture of our faculty guest house with Choi in front of it with my next blog.