Birdhouse News Flash

Carol hung a decorative birdhouse on the mountain cedar just outside our kitchen window last year. Earlier this spring, we noticed that a couple wrens had taken an interest in it, much to our surprise. The birdhouse is green with white flowers scattered decoratively around  three round little entrances. The birds tested the entrances, going into one and out another. I guess the home passed muster, because they built a nest and started a family.

The fledglings must be growing. In the last three weeks, the wrens have been making more and more trips to bring insects back to the nest. Most of the time, they’re in for just a minute before flying out again, but occasionally, Momma wren will rest in the entrance for a couple minutes before flying off. She is cute as she cocks her head one way, and then another, surveying the terrain.

We have a ringside seat to all this because the birdhouse is just outside the large plate glass window of our breakfast nook, so we get to see a lot of the action. This morning, while we were eating our breakfast, we saw an unusual exchange. Momma and Poppa wrens arrived with insects at about the same time. As Momma clung to the main entrance, Poppa flew to the adjacent one and leaned toward Momma. His insect was larger than hers, and while they were hanging on the separate entrances with their beaks side by side, he gave his insect to her. She took it and then went into the birdhouse while he flew off to find more. Talk about parental cooperation! Isn’t nature wonderful?