Our Little Strawberry Patch

When I got home after my walk this morning, I went to our little strawberry patch in the backyard. It truly is little. We started it with a single strawberry plant that we bought in June at a local store a year ago. It was the last one left, because it was apparently the end of the season.

We didn’t get any strawberries from that plant last year, but it did send out lots of runners. Evidently it didn’t like being alone. By this spring, we had eighteen plants in our little garden and they are now producing sweet strawberries! I’m picking between ten to twenty nice strawberries every other morning. We love them on our morning oatmeal. They are organic, they are tender, and best of all, they are sweeter than the ones we get at the grocery store. There, organic strawberries cost about $6 a pound. Besides giving us better strawberries, our little patch is saving us about $12 a week. Wow! That’s a pretty nice return for one little plant!