An Invigorating Walk, Deer, & Fresh Strawberries!

It was really cool when I started on my walk this morning. The sun was just peeping up over the horizon, but the day was crystal clear. This morning I took Seven Winds around to Fairway Bridge and followed that to Wilderness Oaks. Since this route took me down into Golf Canyon, I got to see the sunrise again! It felt nicely warming as I climbed up Wilderness Oaks toward Alpine Lodge.

Just before I got to Alpine Lodge, I heard something in the woods off to the right. There were four deer standing broadside to me, all gazing at me over their shoulders. What a sight! When I looked back as I turned to go up Alpine Lodge, the deer were still there, grazing contentedly now that they knew I was not a threat to them.

When I got back home, I picked half a dozen ripe strawberries from our small strawberry patch in the back yard. It was our first crop, and they were delicious on our steel-cut oatmeal this morning! It was a wonderful start to a great day.