Peek-a-boo Sunrise

It was cool and overcast when I went out for my morning walk. There was no mist today as I headed south on Misty Peak. I could see the San Antonio skyline twenty miles across the broad valley to the south. The atmosphere was clear, even though it was overcast.

As I turned eastward on Seven Winds, I saw a faint glow on the horizon. Moments later, the sun came peeping over a low bank of clouds. Within two minutes, a great orange globe had come up. Then, it went behind another cloud that was feathered across the low eastern sky, and for the next ten minutes the sun played peek-a-boo with me behind the feathery clouds. It was glorious!

By the time I reached Alpine Lodge and turned northward, the sun had disappeared behind a heavy bank of clouds. The wind coming out of the northeast took on a biting chill, and I was glad to get back home to fix a hot, steel-cut oatmeal breakfast. I never saw the sun again for the rest of the day, but whenever I looked at the sky, the memory of the Peek-a-boo sunrise brought a smile to my face.