Four Joys of the Week!

I saw progress on four fronts this week – actually more than four, but I’ll only comment on four.

1. The GMO Awareness Campaign is off to a flying start. Mike Kinnaird, James Riddett, and I only kicked this off a couple of weeks ago, but it is going gang-busters. If you want to help in the effort to avoid genetically modified foods, check it out!

2. Cheryl Harrison, my webmaster has done a tremendous overhaul of my websites this week, as well as launching a new website on the Foundation for Healthy Africa. That’s worth checking out also!

3. I dropped out of the tennis group yesterday because of tennis elbow – but that’s OK. It’s not a fun thing to have, but the good thing is that I got a good tip on how to help it, and it’s working. Another good thing was that I worked out in the gym for an hour instead of playing tennis. I’m seeing progress with my resistance exercises, and they don’t hurt my elbow!

4. Carol and I took a day off from our usual routine today to explore Fredericksburg, and what a delightful day it was. One of the highlights was getting five pounds of freshly picked strawberries at a strawberry and peach farm. They are delicious! We also visited the wild flower farm famous in the hill country of Texas. Seeing all the gorgeous blooming flowers is a visual delight! Finally, a few more miles down the road we took the LBJ Ranch tour, and that was neat. At the Visitor’s Center we saw a half-hour movie on the life and home of Lyndon Johnson. I was not a big fan of his when he was president, but I gained a new appreciation for him today.

It’s been a good week!