The Joy of Tennis

I have not played much tennis in the past year, though I loved playing regularly in the past. I’m not a top ranked player, but it’s fun to get on the court with other guys and have a good time playing. A week ago I joined a gym to help me get back into regular resistance exercises. But this gym has a bonus – good tennis courts, and even better, a group of over-50 guys who meet there to play tennis three mornings a week.

Yesterday I had my initiation with this group. The day was cool but clear. There were about twenty playing that morning. I played with a foursome that included the group organizer. He wanted to let me know how the group works. I think he also wanted to assess my level of play. It was great to be on a tennis court again. The guys I met were all neat guys, ranging in age from 50 to 87. At age 75, I fit in well age-wise.

Play is scheduled three mornings a week, so it’s easy become regular with it. It felt great to be out on the courts again, and what a fun way it is to get one’s exercise. I must have passed muster, because I was invited back!