Matriculation Day at Africa University!

I spent last weekend in Mozambique again, and did lots of walking, chalking up about 30 miles while I was there. One of my hikes was to climb a mountain named “Cabeça de Velhu” which means “Head of the Grandfather.” It is a uniquely shaped mountain, looking very much like the profile of an old man’s head as if he was lying on his back. The mountain merges into the plain as the head gets down into the neck area, so it’s the head that earns the name. Anyway, I climbed to the top of the old man’s brow and then to the top of his nose which represents the next summit. The views gave me a great overview of the town of Chimoio and the surrounding countryside.

Classes are going well. Africa University had it’s official Matriculation Day yesterday, and it was impressive. All first year students were issued black caps and gowns for the ceremony, and the faculty and staff were likewise robed. The Dean of each Faculty introduced all the first year students in each respective Faculty to the Vice-Chancellor, and the students in unison then repeated their allegiance to Africa University, the Vice-Chancellor, and promised to obey the rules and regulations of the institution. Dr. Tagwira, the Vice-Chancellor, then gave a very nice talk about the vision that inspired Africa University as a Pan-African university, and the wonderful opportunity it offers to students in this “Beautiful Valley of Dreams.”