It’s still winter in Zimbabwe, but spring is on the way!

Zimbabwe is south of the equator, so July and August are the coldest months here. The nights are still cold, and I don’t have a heater, so I’m glad I have flannel pajamas to wear at night, as well as nice thick blankets. The days are usually nice after the sun comes up and everything starts warming up. It’s a nice sign that spring is around the corner. Sounds odd, doesn’t it, that spring is around the corner in mid-August? Yet,that’s how it is in southern Africa!

One of the things these cold mornings do is motivate me to get out of bed quickly after I wake up. That may seem odd also, but there’s a good reason for jumping out of bed quickly. About half the time, we lose electric power around 6:30 AM, and if we don’t have power, I can’t cook my hot oatmeal on the stove. So, I jump out of bed quickly to fix my hot “Jungle Oatmeal” and heat water for hot tea. Having a hot breakfast to start the day on a cold morning makes all the difference in the world! By the way, the “Jungle Oatmeal” is the brand name I bought at the Spar grocery store. It’s not any more exotic than any other oatmeal, at least not until I have doctored it up. Cooked with raisins and a few prune surprises, and topped off with a couple bananas, it gives me a great start for the day!