Weekend in Mozambique

I had an unexpected interlude in Mozambique last weekend in mid-August. The story of why is a bit convoluted, having to do with my visa. A trip across the border to nearby Mozambique was how this was resolved.  On my return, I was issued a new visa, good for another thirty days.

So it was that I found myself in Chimoio, Mozambique for the August 13-15 weekend. This town is fifty miles into Mozambique from the Zimbabwe border. The small hotel I stayed in was very nice. My meals in the hotel dining-room were Mediterranean-style (due to Portuguese influence,) and they were excellent. Portuguese is still the official language in Mozambique. Since I grew up in Angola, which was also a Portuguese colony then, this triggered many memories for me, even though I’ve forgotten most of my Portuguese.

I was able to take a long walk each day, and made some interesting observations that I’m writing about in my next “Passion for Health” column in the Citrus County Chronicle. Look it up on the Internet next Tuesday if you’re interested in finding out more!