Rabbit Food!

Last week I learned that anyone on the staff at Africa University could order fresh produce from the farm at a small office in the Agricultural building, so I put an order in. Friday I received a big bunch of greens, cabbage, lettuce, and a great head of cauliflower, all for only $2.00. Wow!

My neighbors all have beautiful gardens also. One family invited me to sample anything from their garden while they are away this week, check on their pet rabbit, and share with the rabbit if it lacked food in its cage. Saturday I pulled up a big carrot, cut off its beautiful tops for the rabbit, and had stunningly fresh carrot sticks and a tomato for my lunch. I’ve been kidded before about liking rabbit food, but hey, when it’s this good, it is can’t be beat! For a vegetarian, this place is heavenly!



  1. Dear Ed,

    It is wonderful to hear you are getting very well settled in and enjoying the experience even before the students arrive. Please tell more about the environs and the faculty: where are they from? Why are they wanting to teach there? What are they concentrating one in their teaching? What are the major heath problems that they are addressing? And, if you find that there are solutions that they wish to share with others, please invite them to submit their case studies or articles for possible inclusion on the Horizon International Solutions Site at http://www.solutions-site.org.

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