Electricity and Water – Not to be taken for Granted!

Electric power and piped water  are taken for granted in the USA most of the time. In Zimbabwe, we definitely don’t take them for granted. Because there is not enough electric power for all users, it is shifted from one neighborhood to another on a rotating basis, with the result that about half the time, we do not have any power. Tap water is also shut down periodically so repairs can be made to the system. All of this certainly makes life interesting. Some days we have no electricity, some days we have no water, and some days we have neither!

On days when we don’t have power, we cook supper over a fire in an outside fireplace. The fire feels good because this is the cold season in Zimbabwe. (Since Zimbabwe is south of the equator, July and August bring cool to cold nights, while December through March is hot.) I have a great admiration for Tracey Sarimana, my hostess. She prepares delicious meals whether on the stove in a modern kitchen, or on an outside grill over a wood fire. That’s talent! So far, we have not gone hungry.