Benefits of dietary fiber

Carol fixed us delicious juice drinks to go with our lunch yesterday. To get them she juiced several organic carrots and celery stalks, one organic apple, a can of pineapple chunks, and mixed in some organic orange juice. We each had a tall glass of juice with our whole wheat tortilla wrapped around organic Romaine lettuce and veggie stir fry. It was a great lunch from both taste and nutritional standpoints.

As we were cleaning up dishes, I noticed the amount of fiber residue left from making the juice, and was surprised at how much there was. I’d estimate two cups of fiber went into the compost. What a waste (pun intended)! Dietary fiber is very beneficial for health in multiple ways. We get more than the daily recommended amount because we eat lots of whole vegetables and fruit, but throwing out that fiber still pained me. Much as I love homemade juice, there is a downside to it.